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Easter Island Flights Guide

You have heard about Easter Island your whole life because of its archaeological wonders. The 288 statues are called moai, and they were sculpted by the Rapa Nui people thousands of years ago, in 1722. They resemble men with long, wise faces, and are truly a sight to behold. Visit the Ahu Tongariki if you can't get enough - it's also a gorgeous place to watch the sunrise and the sunset.

Easter Island is conveniently located on the coast in Chili, so you can have a beach day at Anakena Beach, or enjoy the sunny weather with a hike of Terevaka. You will be very close to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu - so close that cruise tours are offered! Or, go back inland to Chile - about 2,200 miles from Easter Island. Temperatures are beautiful year round with only 20 degrees in variation - if you can't stand the heat, visit in the winter month of August for cooler temperatures. July is known as the rainiest month, so avoid it!
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