Egypt Flights Guide

Egypt's most interesting features, from a touristic perspective, date back thousands of years to one of the world's first civilizations. Ancient Egyptian culture manifests itself in many places throughout this North African country, and visitors often marvel at the grandeur of the great pyramids and sphinxes, the resting place of ancient kings. However, Egypt is now the most populated country in the region, with modern cities and cultural impact that goes beyond the ancient world.

Cairo, Egypt's capital city, is not only the largest in the country (by population) but the largest in all of the Middle East. It is famous for housing the great Pyramid of Giza complex and also the remains of Memphis, the famed ancient city. Larger than Cairo in area, however, is Alexandria, which dates back to the times of Alexander and Great and which is home to an ancient acropolis topped with Pompey's Pillar.

Unsurprisingly, Cairo International Airport is considered the largest and busiest in the country by far. It is also the hub of Egypt Air. Though Egypt has other International Air transport hubs, such as the Alexandria and Aswan International Airports, major flights coming from far away center around Cairo, for the most part. Egypt is, unsurprisingly, considered the driest and sunniest country in the world. Though frost is not unheard of in the mid-Sinai region and certain other parts of the country, extreme cold is rare, and rainfall is a truly minimal amount per year. The desert climate can be oppressively hot in the summer, with temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius.
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