Estonia Flights Guide

A true Northern European and Baltic nation, the Republic of Estonia is located on many different waterways: the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, and Lake Peipus. It also finds neighbors in Russia, and Latvia, and is across the Baltic Sea from Finland and Sweden. Though a former Soviet-annexed nation, many Estonians consider themselves unfairly occupied by the Communists, and since the 1990s have become a highly economically developed nation with a standard of living closer to neighbor Finland than most other former Eastern bloc lands.

Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia and also the capital and cultural/economic center. It was known as Reval until World War I, and is considered one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in modern existence. As such, the entire city is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Modernly, it is home to many important international businesses, including Skype, and an appealing mix between a quaint historical town and a thriving modern metropolis.

Tallinn Airport is the largest in Estonia, and also the third busiest in all of the Baltic States. In total, Estonia has five commercial airports, though it is slightly unclear which take international flights and which are reserved for domestic travel across the country's many lakes and bodies of water. Estonia's climate is considered humid continental, meaning it has four seasons, with a significant amount of rain and snowfall in the appropriate season. Summers are considered extremely mild, and winters can be quite cold and often snowy, with snow cover generally from December to March.
Popular Routes to Estonia

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