Falkland Islands Flights Guide

The Falkland Islands (also called Islas Malvinas) is a truly remote set of islands on the Atlantic Ocean and off the Southern Coast of South America, otherwise known as the Patagonian Shelf. It is known for its rugged terrain, and largely sparsely populated natural lands. Because of this, there is a thriving amount of wildlife, including birds and sheep.

Stanley is known as the capital city and largest settlement in the country. It is situated on North Falkland, and is home to about ninety percent of the archipelago's 2,841 residents (as of 2012). Stanley is also home to the only shopping/commercial center in the Falklands, and is the central point of the road system. It houses a modest but beautiful Cathedral with a thoughtful whalebone arch in front, and a few other tourist destinations.

Port Stanley Airport is the only airport on the Falkland Islands (excluding the RAF Mount Pleasant outpost, which is owned by the British Air Force). Port Stanley is located right outside the capital city of Stanley, and allows frequent civilian flights off the island, though not to a large variety of locations. Due to its Southern location, its no surprise that The Falkland Islands boast a climate that is cold, much colder than one might expect of an archipelago. The weather is also windy and humid. Rainfall is common six months out of the year, and sometimes turns to snow as temperatures drop. Thunderstorms occur up to about once a month.

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