Finland Flights Guide

Finland, in many ways, is similar to its Scandinavian neighbors. They are all safe, well-educated and fairly prosperous countries. And yet, in some ways it isn't. Home to only 5.5b million people, what Finland lacks in population it makes up for in winter wonderland bragging rights via the famous region Lapland, as well as the most coffee and milk drinkers per-capita.

Capital city Helsinki, once dubbed the most liveable city in the world, is similar to its neighbor capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, yet with more Russian influenced architecture and history. It is often considered one of the design capitals of the world. Other major cities in Finland are few and far between, though Espoo and Tampere both have high population levels in comparison to the rest of highly provincial Finland.

Helsinki International Airport is the largest and most important airport in Finland. It is true that Finland, like other Scandinavian countries, has many airports, most of which are quite small and operate mostly inter-Scandinavian flights though they are technically considered international. Joensuu and Jyvaskyla International Airports are outposts with such a specialty. Finland exists at an incredibly high latitude, and lies in what is known as the boreal zone. As such, climate in Finland is categorized by somewhat mild summers and incredibly long and often harsh winters, with snow coverage existing almost constantly in some towns along the taiga belt from November to April.
Popular Routes to Finland

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