Gambia Flights Guide

Gambia is a West African country located almost entirely on the border of Senegal, except for the small region that lies along the Atlantic Ocean. Famously, Gambia is the smallest country in Africa. Gambia is still considered a mostly rural state, with most commerce generated by fishing, farming, and in more recent years, tourism. It is also famous for its diverse African wildlife, featuring antelopes, crocodiles and many rare species of bird.

The capital city of Banjul (formerly Bathurst) is part of Gambia, though technically located on the nearby island of St. Mary. It is famous for its British Colonial inspired architecture. The largest city, however, is not Banjul but nearby Serekunda, which was originally made up of nine unique villages which have grown together and expanded.

Banjul International Airport (which is also known as Yundum International) is the only major International and commercially servicing airport in Gambia. It was built during World War II, and has been in operation since. In addition to domestic and international flights, Banjul International was considered an emergency landing site for NASA space shuttles until 2001. Gambia has a classic tropical climate befitting its coastline and quite similar to other countries in its immediate vicinity. It has a hot, rainy season which lasts from roughly June until November, and a cooler, drier season the rest of the year (from December until May).

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