Ghana Flights Guide

Located on the Gulf of of Guinea, the African country of Ghana enjoys a moderate tropical climate quite close to the equator. The country does experience variations in its type of warmth--the east being drier than the more wet-and-humid southwest. Popular historical tourist attractions can be found along the coast, such as the Cape Coast Castle, where guides detail the horrendous stories and history of human trafficking. In addition to historical points of interest, Ghana also offers a range of wildlife and nature excursions in its two main national parks, Mole and Kakum. Located in the north and southern coast, respectively, visitors to Mole can expect to see elephants and rare birds, and on a lucky day, the elusive leopard. Visitors to Kakum can experience elephants, bongo antelopes, and the Diana monkey.

One of the most popular cities to visit in Ghana is its capital, Accra, which boasts a host of beautiful beaches and where locals are known for their friendliness. Markets abound in this colorful city, and visitors can also tour the National Museum. Accra is also home to Ghana's international point of entry, Kotoka International Airport.
Popular Routes to Ghana

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