Gibraltar Flights Guide

Gibraltar is a British Territory, located on the Southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, and bordered by Spain and by the Strait of Gibraltar. Though technically under the rule of the British, since 2006 Gibraltar has carried some points of autonomy, and is a popular spot among older Brits looking to escape the damp weather of their native land.

Gibraltar is a small territory, more the size of a city than a country in its own right. Its population is about 35,000 people, a mix of people of Spanish and British heritage, which is also reflected in its bilingualism. Gibraltar is famous for the impressive Rock of Gibraltar, which ones made the city desirous from a militaristic standpoint.

Gibraltar serves its citizens with one operational and commercial international airport, called simply the Gibraltar International Airport. It is operated mostly by Monarch Airlines, owned by the Royal Air Force, and has a main purpose of serving British citizens wishing to return home to their native England.
Gibraltar has a pleasant subtropical mediterranean climate, famous across the peninsula. It is prone to mild, somewhat rainy winters and dry and sometimes warm (sometimes hot) summers. Though the southern portion of the peninsula is known for its hot summers, Gibraltar's location adjacent to the strait of Gibraltar shelters it from some of the oppressive heat hit by its neighbors.

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