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Glasgow is a city in Scotland, famous for its Victorian architecture and art. Glasgow is also home to multiple institutes of art, including the Scotland Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre, as well as many museums. Take a walk to explore the many castles throughout the sprawling hills and among the many lakes in the area.

Glasgow has its own public transit system called the SPT which includes a subway and bus system. Different kinds of tickets are available for purchase, which include a day pass of rides, a ticket for unlimited public transit access during a certain season, or a reusable Smartcard, which we recommend for those on a limitedvacation.

It rains fairly consistently in Glasgow, but lightens up during the spring and summer months. The temperatures range from freezing to 20?. The best time to visit Glasgow is June when rainfall is at a low and temperatures are reaching their maximum warmth. This gives travelers the best possible environment to explore the great lands of Glasgow with the least amount of trouble with the weather to the tourists.
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