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Gove Peninsula is in Northern Territory, Australia. Gove is mostly undeveloped, perfect for those seeking unspoiled beaches with beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean waters. Some of Gove's popular attractions are Garanhan (Macassan Beach), Nanydjaka (Cape Arnhem), Rangura (Caves Beach), Lurrupukurru (Oyster Beach), Ngumuy (Turtle Beach), Baringura (Little Bondi), and Daliwuy (Deliwoi Bay). Gove also has three marked coastal walking trails from Ngumuy to Baringura, Garanhan to Ngumuy, and Daliwuy to Garanhan.

The Gove Peninsula airport is located in Nhulunbuy. You can fly nonstop to Darwin and Cairns, from which you can connect to flights to other Australian cities.

Gove has a monsoon climate with dry season that runs from May to October and wet season from November to April. During monsoon season, it can rain at any time without much warning. September and October build up to the beginning of monsoon season and may come with uncomfortably high humidity. The best time to visit Gove is from June to August, in the middle of the dry season. This is also peak tourist season so plan and book ahead. The dry season makes getting around easy as you do not have to worry about being uncomfortable from the mugginess or the high humidity or flooding from monsoons.
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