Grenada Flights Guide

Grenada, once known as the "Spice Isle" is comprised of the island of Grenada in the Caribbean sea, and a number of surrounding islands. It was once home to numerous nutmeg plantations as its major export, but modernly thrives most according to its tourism industry, as Grenada is considered an affable and stable land with much to offer in the way of touristic destinations with great weather.

St. George is both the capital city of Grenada and a popular tourist destination. This may be because of its interesting location, along an old volcano crater and located in proximity to its scenic harbor. It has a yearly Carnival festival in the first two weeks of August, to celebrate the emancipation of slavery on the island. People also go the the Leeward Islands, and the Prickly Bay Marina.

Maurice Bishop International Airport is Grenada's main airport, particularly for international and touristic travel. It was formerly known as Point Salines Airport, and is located about 5 km from St. George's city center, near the southern tip of Grenada's main island, Grenada. Grenada is classically tropical, with two major seasons: wet and dry. It is technically located in the hurricane zone of the Caribbean, but since it is on the southern lying curve, it has only experienced sporadic hurricane and tropical storm damage in the last hundred or so years, the most famous being Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

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