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Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and belongs to the Warnindhilyagwa people. Groote Eylandt is rich in minerals and has pristine waters that surround the island. Due to its native ownership, Groote Eylandt has fabulous aboriginal rock art sites and great sport fishing. Some of Groote Eylandt's attractions are the Anindilyakwa Art & Cultural Centre, Milner Bay, Eningkirra Beeach, Mamungwajingumanja Beach, Yabangwamanja Beach, Endungwa Beach, Ayendadumanja Beach, Eight Mile Beach, Mundarringumanja Beach, and Malkiyangwa Beach.

You can take a nonstop flight from Alyangula Airport on Groote Eylandt to Cairns and Darwin. A ferry can take you from Alyangula to Bickerton Island.

Groote Eylandt averages a high temperature between 83°F and 95°F year round. October to December are the hottest time of the year while June and July are the coolest time of the year. November to April is monsoon season with March being the rainiest month while May to October is dry season with August being the driest month.The best time to visit Groote Eylandt is from June to August. This is when the temperatures are at their lowest all year and conditions are dry with minimal rain, allowing you extensive time to frolic on the island's beautiful beaches.
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