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Hanover is an impressive Germanic city on the coast of the River Leine, and is the capital of an impressive Germany province, Lower Saxony. Hanover was a target for major strategic bombing during World War II, meaning much of the architecture of former empires has been destroyed and rebuilt in the old image. However, the Royal Gardens of Harrenhausen are the city's best touristic attraction, and certainly worth a trip.

Hanover/Langenhagen Airport operates flight to all other parts of Germany, and also international flights. However, Hanover is a major hub of the German Autobahn network, so in many cases, travel to other Germany cities is best made by car. There is also a high-speed rail than can connect Hanover to major hubs like Berlin in a fraction of the time of regular rail transport.

Hanover boasts a typical German oceanic climate, meaning that winters can be harsh and summers are generally mild, if rather cloudy at times. Rainfall is steady in the winter and less plentiful in the summer months. Because the weather is similar for most of year, and because Hanover is hardly a year-round Germany touristic hotspot, the consensus is there's no bad time to visit. Many people still recommend late spring as a great time for a visit, because the flowers in the royal gardens will be in full bloom.
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