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Havana Flights Guide

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is a hotspot tourist destination located on the Northern coast of the country. Known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and rich culture to supplement, Havana is an amazing destination for travelers looking to escape their daily lives. Habana Vieja, old town Havana, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site for its rich culture, architecture, and history.

There is public transportation in Cuba in the form of buses, which are cheap and run in a relatively timely manner, however taxis are not much more expensive. Taking a taxi with a local is nice because they will often become your go to person for all of your trips, which allows you to get to know them and learn more about their culture and the city.

The climate is warm year-round, reaching a hot 28? in the summertime and lowering to 22? during the winter. The two seasons in Cuba span the length of the year with a dry winter and a wet summer. Traveling between December and February offers the best temperatures and driest climate. An important thing to note when travelling to Cuba is that you must have a visa to enter. The airline you are flying with should reach out to you regarding visas and legal entry, but there are websites available with this information as well.
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