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Horn Island is an island in Queensland that helps make up the Torres Strait Islands. Horn Island is home to many World War II sites and was known as the "forgotten isle" before it became an airbase during the war. Visitors are now able to see the remains and wrecks left over from the war. Head to the township of Wasaga to visit the WWII Museum and Torres Strait Heritage Museum.

The nearby busier island of Thursday Island is just a charter boat or ferry ride away from Horn Island. To get to Cairns on the mainland, helicopters and flights are available. From Cairns, you can connect to the bigger, busier city of Brisbane.

Horn Island's tropical savanna climate makes for hot temperatures year round with a dry season between May to November.
Tropical cyclones are occasional on Horn Island but are not usually a threat during the wet season. The wet season lasts during the months of December to April where rainfalls are frequent and heavy. It is best to visit outside of this season to also avoid high humidity.
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