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Ibiza Flights Guide

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands located off the coast of Spain known best for its gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and wild nightlife. Ibiza, referenced in the popular song by Mike Posner, is a party destination for young adults with ample attractions on land and sea to satisfy the need for excitement.

To get to Ibiza one may take a direct flight or fly into Spain and take a ferry to the island. After arriving, there are air conditioned buses that travel the island and make stops at major resorts and beaches. Taxis are also available for transportation while travelers can also contact car hire companies which provide you with your own automobile or motorbike.

Ibiza has hot summer days (in the upper 20's) that cool off overnight, and cool winters ranging from 8-14?. The best time to visit Ibiza is in the summertime, however there will be no way to avoid the crowds at this time, since it is a highly attractive destination. The winter climate will not allow you to enjoy the beaches and water activities the way you would in the summer, but this would be the most economical time to visit Ibiza.
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