Jamaica Flights Guide

Jamaica is an independent island nation situated in the of the Caribbean Sea, near the nation of Cuba and the island of Hispaniola. Though inhabited by indigenous people for possibly thousands of years, colonial Spanish rule sent Jamaica on the path to becoming the culturally diverse nation it is today, of which the official language is English and which is famous for a Rastafarian religious culture.

Kingston, Jamaica is a world-famous tourist location, known as a thriving resort town featuring a scenic harbor over the Caribbean Sea. The local culture, known for the Rastafarian religion and culture, and somewhat bolstered by an interest in reggae music is quite popular amongst visitors, for it is unique to urban (and to some extent, provincial) Jamaica.

Because Jamaica is a highly touristic destination, this small Island features three international airports. The most popular one for visitors is Sangster International Airport, located on Jamaica's Northern coast. The second most popular is the Norman Manley International Airport, which is an outpost in the South, followed by Ian Fleming International Airport. Jamaica has a truly tropical climate, with hot and humid weather persistent and year-round, though temperature is slightly regulated at higher elevations, such as on the Pedro Plains and the Liguanea Plains. However, Jamaica lies in the hurricane belt of the Atlantic Coast and has sustained hurricane damage in several instances throughout the years.
Popular Routes to Jamaica

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