Jordan Flights Guide

The Kingdom of Jordan, located on the East Bank of the Jordan River and populated by mostly Sunni Muslims is a truly Middle Eastern country. Visitors to Jordan enjoy traveling down to the sites of the Red Sea and the Red Rock mountains of the south, and exploring a place of peace in the relatively turbulent region of the Middle East.

The city of Aqaba is known for its natural wonders. Howevers, visitors of Jordan speak highly of the wonder of the capital city of Amman, famous for its famous modern-meets-historic district of Jabal Amman, as well as its famous vibrant district of "Rainbow Street." Other major cities include Madaba, home to major historical artifacts from the Islamic, Byzantine, Hellenistic and Roman civilizations.

Queen Alia International Airport is considered the largest, busiest, and by far the most important in Jordan, though is is located in Zizya, over 20 miles from Amman. Amman also has a second airport, the Amman Civil Airport, which also features commercial flights. Outside of Amman, there is a medium-sized airport in Aqaba, known as the King Hussein International Airport. Though parts of Jordan are considered to be within the Mediterranean climate zone, the farther from the coast sections are more often considered an arid desert, and see none of the rainfall that is somewhat common in the more coast-like regions. Areas along the Dead Sea, region, for example, are considered extremely arid and for all intents and purposes, a large desert.
Popular Routes to Jordan

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