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Kalgoorlie is a city in Western Australia with some very cool tourist attractions. For one, the Superpit, an exceedingly large open cut gold mine, which was at one point the largest in the world. Additionally, there are free tours of the city and its history available daily giving tourists insight into the culture and life of Kalgoorlie.

The two forms of public transportation in Kalgoorlie are buses and taxis. TransGoldfields is the local bus service which reaches all ends of the city, while taxis run all day and night. To get out of Kalgoorlie and into the rest of Western Australia, one would have to travel by train or plane.

With a mild climate and little rainfall dispersed throughout the year, Kalgoorlie is a great place for outdoor activities year round. The best time to visit Kalgoorlie should not be dictated by weather, but moreso by the activities during that time of year. The last weekend of November is often when St. Barbara's Festival hits the outback and many come to celebrate the historical contributions of the mining industry. Additionally, the Spring Festival is in the beginning of October and the community celebrates all that spring has to offer!
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