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Situated in the place where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet is Kamloops, one of the most gorgeous destinations in British Columbia. Kamloops is somewhat of an artistic hub and the Kamloops Art Gallery is Nationally Recognized, as are the Kamloops Museum and Archives and the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra of British Columbia. For nature lovers, Kamloops Lake is sure to delight.

Kamloops is located about 3 hours from the coastal town of Vancouver. Vancouver is a manageable destination from Kamloops, though it is easier taken by car even plane from Kamloops International Airport. Journeys by train from Kamloops can be expensive and/or complicated.

Kamloops is part of the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains, and therefore has a climate similar to that of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, that is, rainy most of the year and mild in the summertime. Kamloops, being farther North, gets more snowfall than Oregon or Washington. The mild summer months are particularly lovely in Kamloops, and the days are significantly longer than in the winter, which is great for the outdoor enthusiasts that Kamloops often attracts. However, the winter months can be attractive to visitors looking to engage in winter sports, and since winters are not particularly extreme, Kamloops is a great option for would-be skiers.
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