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Karratha is a city in Western Australia best known for its National Parks and rich, visible history. The Burrup Peninsula in the Karratha region is not only a gorgeous area to walk and take in the natural beauty, but it is also home to Murujuga Park where the oldest petroglyphs, or rock art, can be found. Taking a walk around the park, you might discover new rocks yourself! Additionally, if water activities are on your todo list, Hearson's Cove is a great place to relax on the beach and swim in calmer water.

TransKarratha is the community bus system available to visitors, allowing them to travel in the city and throughout the Pilbara region. Pilbara Transit Services is another option, however it is not a public system. The service is offered all year long for 24 hours a day, but operates like a taxi service in that you call and they answer.

The climate in Karratha can reach exceedingly hot temperatures around 45? in the summer. On the coast, however, temperatures drop to a much more comfortable 25?. Cyclone season in Karratha extends from November to April, so avoiding this time of year is ideal. Rain should not be a problem as it is not a frequent occurrence, so planning your trip anytime from May to September would be your best bet.
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