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Kathmandu, a city in Nepal, is known for being made entirely of wood. An historic city with incredible buildings and monuments to show for itself, Kathmandu is home to many palaces, shrines, and temples including Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, and the Royal Palace. In addition to these many sites, Kathmandu is located near the Himalayan mountain range, giving it an exquisite landscape and view.

Public transit in Kathmandu relies on the bus system. Routes can be searched online and bus schedules can be determined by inputting start and end points. The streets in Kathmandu are quite busy, so travelling by foot as much as possible might get you to where you want to go most efficiently.

Kathmandu generally has a mild climate, getting comfortably warm in the summer and falling to 10? in the winter. The days are usually warm while nights cool down. Tourist season begins in September and runs into November, so activities are available during this time period that might not be as abundant during the other months. February, however, is the most ideal time to visit in terms of weather as the air is warm but dry and fruits and flowers are beginning to bloom.
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