Kenya Flights Guide

Kenya, located in central Africa with the Equator stretching along it, is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. It is part of the African Great Lakes region and is thought to have been continuously inhabited since Paleolithic times. Modern Kenya is still known for its stunning wildlife, and visitors often go on safari to explore the intriguing animals and landscape of the savannah.

Nairobi, which is Kenya's capital and largest city, has long been a touristic hub within the Central African region. Nairobi is considered a modern metropolis with a thriving economy, though many tourists will find it a stopover or side-trip to exploring the nature and wildlife, or else the beachy coastline, of Kenya. Bungoma County is the second largest city, and Mombasa is the third.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is by far the largest in the country, located in Nairobi and serving over people a year. It is also considered the seventh largest airport in Africa, as wells as one of the most modern airports. Embu and Nanyuki Airport, also located in Kenya, are considered both commercial and international. Though Kenya's coastline is considered tropical, Kenya's proximity to the equator renders it, for the most part, within an arid climate zone, especially in the north. Further inland is known to be more temperate, though in most parts of the country, weather resembles the "summer-weather" of other locals, with cooler nighttime temperatures.
Popular Routes to Kenya

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