Laos Flights Guide

Lao People's Democratic Republic, also known as Laos and also Muang Lao, is a small country in Southeast Asia, which shares borders with Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The name comes from the phrase "Kingdom of a Million Elephants Under a White Parasol" and the country is indeed known, among other things, of nature preserves, particularly those who act as elephant sanctuaries.

The capital and largest city in Laos is is Vientiane, which is known for one of the most important symbols of Buddhism in the world, a shrine called That Luang. The population of Vientiane is nearly 760,000 residents. Other important cities include Savannakhet, which is famous for its proximity to the Mekong River, and particularly its closeness to the thriving economic market of Thailand's more prosperous economy.

One of the few international airports in Laos is Wattay International Airport, located just outside Vientiane, and consisting of a rather old domestic terminal, and a newer, more modern international terminal that opened in recently. Though it is considered international, only Asian and East Asian airlines operate out of Wattay. Lao's climate, like most other countries in the Southern/Eastern Asia region, is characterized by a regular monsoon pattern and two basic seasons: the wet season (May to November) and the dry season (December to April).
Popular Routes to Laos

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