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Leipzig is Germany's tenth most populated city. Though it's only nearly 150 miles from Berlin, Leipzig has a cultural impact all its own, from the Renaissance-style buildings (that were not destroyed in World War II as were their counterparts in other German cities), to its impressive Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, and even the German Museum of Books and Writing (considered the oldest of its kind).

Leipzig is an easy train ride from Berlin, via the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof Railway station located in the center of town. The route goes from Berlin to Munich with Leipzig being the central stop. The Leipzig/Halle Airport offers several charter flights to neighboring cities, though few international flights. The A9 and A14 autobahns also traverse the city for local travel.

Leipzig's oceanic climate fluctuates between mild and cold (mild in the summer and generally cold in the winter). Summer can be warm, and rain showers are common in summer and winter. Because winters can be cold and damp throughout the region, the best time to visit Leipzig is in the summertime, particularly in July when the weather is mild, the days are long, and the Leipzig locals are out on the town during the day and at night. In December it can rain up to 25 days out of 31, so many advise avoiding Leipzig in the winter months.
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