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Lima Flights Guide

Lima, Peru, is best known for its food and its proximity to ancient sites including the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu. These national and historical treasures, among many others, are located in Peru, however anyone traveling to these destinations in required to pass first through Lima before arriving in Machu Picchu.

To get from Lima to Machu Picchu, the best way to do so is by bus or plane. It is a long drive and tourists are often unfamiliar with the rules of the Peruvian road. If travelling within Lima, the best way to get around is by micro, which is essentially a city bus.

Lima does not experience rainfall often and has a warm year-round climate ranging from 12? to 28?. The best time to visit Lima is during Peruvian winter, from May to September, when it is the driest, however temperatures are cooler and sky is often overcast. Visiting during the summer from December to April will offer the best temperatures, but this is peak tourist season. Good thing the incredible food lives there year-round!
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