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Lourdes is a town at the bottom of the Pyrenees mountains in France. It is best known for being a Catholic pilgrimage site. The Grotto of Massabielle is said to be home to a woman who interacted with the Virgin Mary and many visitors will come here to bathe and drink the spring water in this grotto. Additionally, being in the mountains, hiking is plentiful and the views are magnificent.

Because Lourdes is such a small town, it is best to explore the area by foot. There are bus options, however they are not public transport buses. The bus options are tours around the city and you usually miss out on a lot of the sites by taking the bus anyway!

Temperatures in Lourdes are mild year round, rarely exceeding 23? in the summer and dropping to 0? in the winter. Snowfall rarely occurs. The best time to visit Lourdes is during the summer, specifically July when the temperatures are highest and the rainfall is lower than other summer months. This allows you to explore the terrain as well as the grotto and enjoy Lourdes for all it has to offer!
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