Macedonia Flights Guide

The landlocked Balkan-nation of Macedonia offers a generous amount of attractions for travelers. Steeped in history (it was formerly a part of the Ottoman Empire) and with beautiful European architecture, Macedonia boasts natural beauty in the forms of Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the border between Macedonia and Albania, and Gali?ica, a national park that also borders Macedonia and Albania and boasts an exceptional diversity in flora. The best time to appreciate this natural beauty is in the summer months, which are typically warm and dry. Summertime is also a great time to explore Skopje, the capital city with a still-used bridge from the 15th century that connects the Ottoman-Old Bazar to the modern-day Macedonia Square.

International flights to Macedonia are limited, with the only direct flight into Skopje Airport available from Wizz Airlines. It is possible to catch connecting flights from nearby European countries, but if you want to go direct, Wizz is the only option.
Popular Routes to Macedonia

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