Marshall Islands Flights Guide

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a diver's dream made up of a group of atolls and reefs in the Pacific Ocean nestled near the equator between Australia and Hawaii. The capital of Majuro Island hosts the most accessible diving area on the islands and is ideal for seeing beautiful marine life, and an array of coral. Deliciously fresh seafood can be found at restaurants in Majuro but open air markets are best for finding and tasting local food like taro and breadfruit. The quieter island of Arno is another great diving spot with three lagoons to explore while relics from the World Wars can be found by diving in Bikini.

In Majuro you can find the Marshall Islands International Airport (or Amata Kabua International Airport) providing flights to and from other islands, Hawaii, and Fiji with connections to New York City. The Marshall Islands has a Maritime Tropical climate with a wet and dry season. The wet season is usually hotter and humid falling in the months of May through November.

Flight prices include taxes and fees and are based on payment by Visa Debit card which does not attract a fee. When completing your booking a payment processing fee of 1.8% for MasterCard and Visa and 3.5% for American Express applies. Note a fare is subject to change until a ticket is issued.