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As Australia's second largest city, Melbourne is best known for its architecture, museums, spirit and culture. With art galleries galore, botanical gardens and multiple National parks within reach, Melbourne is a city full of activity and life. The most famous venue in this city is the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where over 100,000 fans gather for events including rugby league, FIFA world cup and Melbourne Cricket Club matches.

Melbourne's public transit system includes a free service called the City Circle Tram travel around the city. When travelling beyond the inner city, Public Transport Victoria is most cost effective and convenient, unless Sydney is on your list of places to visit, and then flying or taking a train would be best!

Melbourne has warm summers and springs, mild falls and crisp winters. It is also known for having "four seasons in one day" when rains appear and disappear in an instant. While the winters are relatively mild in Melbourne, the ideal travel period is during the spring, summer, and fall months. When planning your trip though, make sure you remember that their seasons are opposite from ours, so plan to take some time off of work around thanksgiving or Christmas, not when the kids are on summer vacation!
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