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Mildura is a community known for its grape production along with other fruits. Naturally, wineries are an extremely popular attraction in the area, offering all kinds of unique beverages. The city's location on the Murray River makes it a hub for watersports, paddlesteamers and boat cruises. The still weather conditions also make Mildura ideal for hot air ballooning and the Mildura International Balloon Fiesta attracts many visitors.

Bus services connect Mildura to Adelaide and Sydney as well as many other cities throughout Victoria and New South Wales. A rail system also connects the city to Melbourne. The local airport also offers flight to these areas as well as Broken Hill.

The temperatures in Mildura cool between May and September dropping as far as 15 degrees. Temperatures can rise throughout the rest of the year to about 28 degrees. Most rainy days for Mildura are seen in July and August, but that shouldn't stop you from flying in to Mildura. The weather is relatively consistent throughout the year, meaning there will always be many activities available to visitors. Enjoying the many outdoor activities shouldn't be a problem in Mildura.
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