Morocco Flights Guide

Located in sunny (not to mention, desert-covered) Northern Africa, and off the southern coast of Spain, Morocco is a fascinating mash-up of cultures: African, Muslim, European. While famous cities like Marrakech are sure to wow with their their impressive beautiful mosques and old palatial ruins, equally breathtaking is the Sahara Desert, and many say a trip to Morocco is not complete without stepping foot onto of of those thousands of miles of sand.

Though the political capital of Morocco remains at Rabat, the cultural centers are many, including Tangier (also known as the Gateway to Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar), Fes, Casablanca, and perhaps most importantly, Marrakech. While each of these cities are known for different wonders, nearly all of them contain brilliant mosques and a central marketplace that is sure to wow with its authentic handmade treasures.

Morocco is an incredibly popular place to travel via plane, as it is considered in some way a crossing point between Europe and Africa, and therefore is prone to an influx of travelers from both places. The busiest airport in the country is Casablanca's Mohammed V Airport (named after a former king), followed by the Marrakech International Airport and Agadir International Airport. Often compared to the somewhat diverse climate of Southern California, parts of Morocco fall easily into the category of desert (particularly the region settled below the Atlas Mountains), while the seashore remains temperate and more mountainous regions can surprise visitors with its greenery and lush landscape.
Popular Routes to Morocco

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