Namibia Flights Guide

Namibia is located in southwest Africa, and is known (and named after) the Namib Desert, which occupies a large portion of the country and is located near its Atlantic Coast. Namibia is a popular destination for travelers to Africa, for its relative political stability and its stunning wildlife, especially that which can be found at Etosha National Park and its surrounding salt pan.

Windhoek is the capital city as well as the largest by population. It is also the only major city in the country, and though it was once an indigenous village, migration from all parts of Namibia have greatly increased the population over the past ten or so years. Windhoek is known for its National Museum, National Library, and a park known as the Hero's Acre.

Hosea Kutako International Airport, located near the city of Windhoek, is the most important in the city and ensures that most visitors to the country spend some time in its capital city. Until recently, most international travel to Europe and other destinations was routed through South Africa, but with the expansion of Air Namibia, more flights now go directly to this airport from other international destinations. Due to its desert, the climate of the region is generally considered arid, meaning dry and desert-like conditions year-round. However, the country also features a swatch of coastline, which due to the Benguela Current from the Atlantic Ocean, is characterized by colder weather and even permeating fog across seasons. Parts of the country feature seasonal flooding
Popular Routes to Namibia

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