Nauru Flights Guide

The tiny Micronesian island country of Nauru is beautiful for its pristine white sand beaches and coral reef. For such a small place, the country offers a wide spectrum in types of attractions. Anibare Bay is a popular attraction on the coast, and inland travelers can experience the Buada Lagoon and its diverse vegetation. Limestone caves house the underground freshwater lake Moqua Well, and the island's highest point is also home to Command Ridge, a former World War II outpost used by the Japanese. Visitors can the country should not expect a touristy vibe as in recent years tensions over Australia's use of the area for refugees and made the political atmosphere contentious.

To get to Nauru, visitors will fly into Nauru International Airport, which in turn serves less than a dozen international locations, making for some difficult trip-planning even for the most eager visitor to the country. Those determined to visit should plan their trip between December and February when the mild climate is also dry.

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