North Korea Flights Guide

Officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, North Korea is located on the Northern half of the Korean peninsula and retains icy relations with their former other-half, South Korea. North Korea, whose government operates under a fierce and restrictive dictatorship, is known for its relatively closed border (especially along the North/South border, otherwise known as the Demilitarized Zone) and lack of tourism.

Pyongyang, the capital, largest and only major city in North Korea is the seat of the government, ruled over by dictator Kim Jong-Un. Much of Pyongyang was destroyed during the Korean War, and therefore, the city features many new buildings absent in the rest of the country. The second largest city in North Korea is Hamhung, though at only 300,000 people, its population pales in comparison to Pyongyang.

Pyongyang International Airport is generally considered to be North Korea's only international commercial airport, and the only through which international visitors are allowed. Tourism is extremely restricted in North Korea, and even those flying in and out of Pyongyang will find a truly limited flight selection, tightly regulated by the government. Moist air from the Pacific Ocean ensures that summers in North Korea and hot and humid, and sometimes prone to monsoons. Cool winds from Siberia bring sometimes bitterly cold weather in the wintertime (though there are also weeks of clear, stormless skies). Most of the country is classified as having an oceanic climate.
Popular Routes to North Korea

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