Norway Flights Guide

Making up the Westernmost part of Scandinavia, Norway is a country often closely associated with its neighbors: Denmark, Sweden and Finland. However, Norway is famous in its own right as a place of beautiful natural wonders (such as the famous ice formations, or fjords), the thriving nightlife and culture of Oslo, and great skiing and hiking opportunities. Norwegians are known for being nature lovers, and with a country so beautiful, it's not hard to see why.

Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger (also called Sandnes) are the three largest metropolitan areas in Norway, though Oslo is the capital and only Oslo and Bergen are thought to be cultural centers of the country. However, in spite of the existence of these major cities, Norway is more famous for what lies between: the beautiful countryside and the world famous fjords.

Lots of ice and water mean that there are over 50 airports in Norway, though the largest and most important is Oslo International Airport Gardermoen. There are also air travel hubs in Bergen and Stavanger, as to be expected, and flights at these airports go from large international affairs to little fjord hoppers. Through weather in all parts of the Scandinavian country is known to be cold and damp, the southern and western regions are more likely to be wet and less likely to be freezing than the northern and eastern parts. Though Norway's latitude is extremely high, gulf stream currents ensure that the country remains warm enough to be inhabitable during all seasons of the year.
Popular Routes to Norway

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