Pakistan Flights Guide

Pakistan is an Islamic country, located on the Western side of the Indian-subcontinent. Famously, Pakistan was created in 1947 to address the issue of the Indian Islamic minority and their mistreatment under the Indian government. Though many confuse the cultures of India and Pakistan, the two countries and quite distinct, and modern day Pakistan, the 6th largest country in the world, has a charm all its own.

Islamabad, meaning "City of Islam" is the capital city, though nearby Karachi is in fact more populous. Islamabad is famous for the remains of the Saidpur Village, which is closely related to Hindu and mystic religions, and includes a Sufi shrine. Nearby Karachi was once known for its vibrant nightlife, and is now home to Pakistan's most famous art and cultural museums.

While it seems that Benezir-Bhutto International Airport (formerly known as the Islamabad Airport) is the most well-known, it is actually the country's third largest. It serves the general Islamabad area. Also large are the Jinnah and Allama Iqbal International Airports, though all three airports have reported incidents over the years and have seen variance in the airlines that retains services in each. The territory occupied by Pakistan is incredibly diverse, and hard to classify under under a single climatological heading. Parts of the country are considered tropical, while others are more temperate and parts of the south are considered "arid coastal regions." Many parts of the country are prone to monsoons, though in others, earthquakes are more common.
Popular Routes to Pakistan

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