Palau Flights Guide

Not even on many traveler's radars, Palau is the perfect place for a traveler looking for something off the beaten path, and with the patience to navigate the hoops necessary to jump through in order to get there. Located between Guam and the Philippines, Palau is one of over 200 islands in a Micronesian region in the Western Pacific Ocean. People looking to travel to this scenically-astounding blip in the ocean will also have access to some of the best diving in the world. The increasing popularity of the island has led to the increase in available flights on different airlines, however there remains only one point of entry in Palau: Roman Tmetuchl International Airport.

In addition to diving, the Palau also offers the perfect environment for snorkelling, kayaking, and off-road driving. Palau's largest town, Koror, is home to the majority of the island's population and sees most of its tourist activity in high season, between December and March. Indeed, the high season and the low season offer two small ideal windows in which to visit Palau, the low season being May, June, and September, due to the fact that the shoulder season sees higher winds making some dive spots inaccessible, as well as heavy rainfall.

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