Papua New Guinea Flights Guide

located in Oceania and occupying half of the island of New Guinea and parts of the nearby islands of Melanesia. With 852 languages spoken nationally, Papua New Guinea is known as one of the most diverse places on Earth. Though it's still an overtly rural country, and the landscape is generally quite rugged, recent growth and development give hope for a future with a more diverse economy.

Port Moresby, located on the shores of the Gulf of Papua is the capital city, and one of the only cities of prominence on the Island of Papua and its surrounding territory. Though the town is home to many affluent mansions and upscale high-rise buildings, it can hardly be called lively, as the main street of nightclubs and restaurants was replaced with an office center in the 1990s.

Jackson's International Airport in Papua New Guinea is the only major international airport on the island. Also known as Port Moresby Airport because of its proximity to the nearby town of Port Moresby, it is the main hub for New Guinea's national airline Niugini, as well as many other Southeast Asian Airlines. The climate of Papua New Guinea is generally considered tropical, though it is also one of the only countries located near the equator that experience snowfall despite its heat and lack of overt seasons. Papua New Guinea is also located on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific, meaning it is more likely to experience earthquakes than most of the world
Popular Routes to Papua New Guinea

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