Philippines Flights Guide

7000 islands make up the country of Philippines located in the Western Pacific. The country capital of Manila is home to San Agustin Church, the oldest in the Philippines and just south of Manila is the beautiful coastal town of Puerto Galera. The extraordinary Banaue Rice Terraces makes a strong fight for the eighth wonder of the world while the symmetrical cone of the Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines sitting 8000 feet above sea level. The stunning Chocolate Hills on the island of Bohol is a top attraction with its 1268 mounds sprinkled throughout the area.

The main entry into the Philippines is by way of Ninoy Aquino International Airport located in Pasay City in Manila. Mactan Cebu International Airport handles travelers flying into the south from countries including South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia and Taiwan. The Philippines is usually hot and humid thanks to its tropical maritime climate with three seasons: hot dry season, the rainy season, and the cool dry season. The rainy season lasts from June through November with the coolest months falling in January. Temperatures range from 21 to 30 degrees celsius.
Popular Routes to Philippines

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