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Located in the province of South Australia, Port Lincoln is just at the tip of the southwestern Eyre Peninsula. It is best known for its sharks cage diving experience, beaches and water activities, and seafood restaurants. The Port Lincoln National Park boasts incredibly views and hidden coves along the coast in addition to the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area.

Since the city itself is so small, there isn't a public transit system in place. Walking and biking about should do the trick, however there are taxis and rental cars available. The locals are also extremely kind, so asking for a lift would likely be met with a welcoming smile!

The summer heat does not exceed 25? while the winters do not reach below 8?. You should expect rain during the winter months, but leave your coats and gloves at home. It would be best to visit Port Lincoln between October and March if you're looking for more warmth or April to September if comfortable days and cool nights are your preference. The water is most conducive to outdoor activities during the summertime, but the scenery can be appreciated at all times of the year!
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