Portugal Flights Guide

While many people consider Portugal the little brother of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, visitors to Portugal are likely to find a rich and distinct culture based in one of the most thriving former imperialistic empires in the world. With a long Atlantic coastline, visitors come for the beach in the summer, for elegant Fado music in the Fall, and to explore the pleasant cityscapes of cities like Lisbon and Porto year-round.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is what many people consider a city of faded glory. Though with impressive statues and palaces that show off centuries of world-reaching influence, modern Lisbon in some ways resembles a hilltop seaside town, with pleasant shopping districts and streets dotted with cable cars. Porto, the second largest city, is the birthplace of Port wine and home to a bridge designed by the famous Eiffel himself.

Unsurprisingly, Lisbon International Airport is the most popular in Portugal, carrying around 22 million passengers to destinations both near and far. Second on the list is Porto Airport, and third is Faro Airport, further mirroring the three largest (and most touristic) cities in this small but proud country.
located on the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal features are mild Mediterranean climate. The country's lowlands are relatively dry, while more mountainous regions get significant levels of rainfall per year. Overall, Portugal is considered one of Europe's warmest countries, which is not surprising, as it is one of the southernmost countries on the continent.
Popular Routes to Portugal

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