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The commercial centre of Preveza is in northwest Greece where traditional and modern influences combine. Take your time walking along the seaside and visit shops, restaurants and cafes while taking in the island like view. The ancient Nikopolis dates back to 31 BC. Visitors can explore what's left of the ancient theatre and Aqueduct. When you're done, continue exploring at The Museum of Nikopolis.

The city of Lefkada is a quick and easy drive south of Preveza and it is also easy to grab a taxi or a bus heading there. The bustling city of Athens can be reached in over 4 hours but travelers can get there a lot quicker by flying from Preveza airport.

Preveza has a warm and temperate climate with a rainy winter and an overall average temperature of 17 degrees celsius. Preveza is off the usual tourist track of Greece and with the combination of mild temperatures year round, it's easy to plan a visit throughout the year. The warmest times to visit are during the months of July and August and is the perfect time for beach goers. While winters are mild, more rainfalls tend to fall during this time.
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