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A beautiful and historic city in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is located on the coast and boasts incredible beaches as well as inner city sites. Old Town Vallarta is a must see part of the city, taking you back into a past century with its old architecture and cobblestone streets. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens are also incredibly lush and beautiful, a great place to relax and enjoy life during the day, then hit up Malecon at La Vaquita for a wild night.

Traveling around Puerto Vallarta is easy with their city bus service, but to get an added piece of fun and to your Mexican experience, taking a taxi will allow you to learn from your local driver about all the best places to visit during your stay!

Puerto Vallarta is extremely mild year round, rarely dropping below 10?. The heat in the summer will often feel even hotter due to the extreme humidity. The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta depends on if you plan to lounge by the ocean for the majority of the time or want to explore the city. It would be most comfortable to explore the city in the spring and fall when the temperatures are not as gruelingly hot, but if you are looking for a heat wave, stop by in July or August.
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