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Riga is both the capital city and largest city of former Eastern bloc country Latvia. Since the country's break with the USSR, Latvia has become a thriving independent nation, and Riga is its crown jewel. Visitors enjoy the Art Nouveau architecture that has earned Riga status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a thriving entertainment scene through the popularity of both theatre and sports such as soccer.

As one of the centers of the Baltic states, travel via train is convenient to nearby Vilnius (Lithuania) and Talinn (Estonia). Additionally, Riga is located along the European Route 22, giving it access to both the East and the West. The Riga and International Airport has become an important access point to and from Riga from the rest of Europe.

The climate of Riga can be considered Northern, that is, prone to rather long, harsh winters. Additionally, because of its close proximity to the sea, Autumn weather is known for fog and and heavy rainfall. Temperatures in the summer rarely go above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the harsh winters, Riga is best avoided between December and March, though light decorations in wintertime can be quite lovely. Because the the main touristic pulls is the architecture, the autumn fog is also an unpopular time for tourism. Spring and Summer will find the best trips planned.
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