Russia Flights Guide

Russia, officially known as The Russian Federation since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the mid-1990s is the largest country on Earth by area, and the ninth most populous. Though previously the largest and arguably most successful communist country in the world, modern Russia has a much more complicated structure, built around a capitalist economy, and a somewhat Democratic government and a rich history over 160 distinct cultures living together.

Both capital city Moscow and St Petersburg have had importance in Russian society for over 100 years. While Moscow has been the seat of the government (whether a monarchy, a communist government, or in its modern incarnation) and the modern Kremlin, St Petersburg has been the face of the more modern, Western Russian society for nearly as long.

Moscow has service to three distinct airports, Sheremetyevo International, Domodedovo International, and Vnukovo International Airports. They are the three largest airports in Moscow, respectively, and located in different sections in or around Moscow. Outside of Moscow, Pulkovo International Airport in St Petersburg is the largest, and more convenient for travel to the west side of the country, or when coming from an American or European destination. Russia's humid continental climate make large swatches of the country virtually uninhabitable due to extreme cold. Most Northern parts of the country are considered sub-Arctic. However, the area near the Black Sea, including Sochi, has a much milder subtropical climate, which keeps this region warmer and drier than its neighboring cities in the North.
Popular Routes to Russia

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