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Relatively unknown Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, and is considered a prominent and important cultural center of the Balkans. It has a long history of cultural and religious diversity, and is famous for having a Catholic church, a mosque, a Jewish Orthodox Temple and Roman Orthodox church in the same neighborhood. Because of this, it is sometimes called the "Jerusalem of Europe."

A major highway connects all major Bosnian cities, from Zenica to Mostar. The trans-European highway dips down this way and unites Sarajevo with Budapest, which further connects it to the rest of Eastern Europe. The Sarajevo is small but highly rated for domestic and quick trip international travel.

Sarajevo, like most of Bosnia Herzegovina, features four distinct seasons and rainfall uniformly spread throughout. January is the coldest month or the year, and July is the hottest, with temperatures plunging in the winter and climbing in the summer. May, June and September will find Sarajevo in the mildest climates, and a myriad of hiking and summer activities become popular each year during this time. February and March are sunny yet cold, and make for a good touristic travel time to experience longer Baltic days than the beginning of wintertime.
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