Seychelles Flights Guide

The Republic of Seychelles consists of about 115 separate islands on the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa and near Madagascar. Seychelles has the lowest population of any African nation, and is known for somewhat widespread income inequality. The islands were generally uninhabited until the times of European Imperialism, and modern inhabitants of Seychelles are mostly Creole, though Creole, English and French are all spoken on the island.

The biggest city on Seychelles is the capital, Victoria, which is located on Mahe Island. Though not particularly internationally famous, Victoria was the old seat of the British government in Seychelles, and is a major exporter of vanilla and coconuts. Travel to Victoria would likely be centered around exploring the natural points of interest on the island of Mahe, as the city itself is fairly small.

The only commercial flying international airport on the islands of Seychelles is Seychelles International Airport, which is located on the well populated island of Mahe, near Victoria, which is the capital city. The airport is 11 km from the city center and offers inter-island flights via a domestic terminal in addition to flights for international travelers. Generally speaking, the islands of Seychelles belong to a tropical rainforest climate classification. The temperature seems to vary very little between season, and the majority of the time the weather is warm and humid. Southeastern trade winds provide cooler weather and less humidity between May and November, making them pleasant months for a visit.

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