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Siem Reap Flights Guide

Siem Reap is a city in Cambodia most well-known for its proximity to the famous temples of Angkor. These temples are known as the home of the ancient gods in the Hindu faith and are also a UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition to the ancient ruins, Siem Reap is also an amazing land to explore on foot where you can immerse yourself in the culture by visiting the markets and street shops.

The tuk-tuks and taxis are the main form of transportation around Cambodia for visitors and locals alike. They are little buggies and they appear all over the city. Drivers will pass and ask if you want a ride to wherever you are going. Hailing a tuk-tuk will be extremely easy when you do need a ride somewhere because they are seriously everywhere.

Siem Reap is generally hot year-round and have a wet season from May to October while the dry months expand from November to April. It would be best to visit Siem Reap during its dry period, however the city's biggest tourist attractions will likely be crowded. In order to avoid the crowds, it might be in your best interest to weather the storm so to speak, and go at a riskier time of year like May or October.
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