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Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia and is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. It is the main hub of Macedonian politics, economy, and culture. The city is home to a rich history represented by its old fortress, archeological sites, and historical monuments. If you are looking to explore the lands, the canyon of the River Treska and Lake Matka have caves for the visiting explorers looking for some outdoor fun.

Public transit in Skopje is mainly through bus and tram. Traveling to the city from other parts of Macedonia is also relatively simple as there are many bus routes servicing the city form the outskirts.

Skopje's climate is continental sub- Mediterranean with an average temperature of 13? and highs rising above 30?.The best time to visit Skopje is in May and October. At these times, the temperatures are still comfortably warm and rainfall is lower. As the temperatures get cooler, rainfall increases, however the lowest amount of rainfall coincides with the least comfortable temperatures (August). It is best to pick a neutral time of year.
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